Coaching Through Tough Emotions

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Sometimes, it takes someone who’s gone through your situation to truly understand. I have been so down emotionally that I had been on psychiatric disability for almost 10 years. I found a way out and have been off for nearly 12 years now.

Also through the 12 years that I’ve been off disability, I worked helping people achieve stability in their mental health goals. I facilitated 12-step recovery groups focused on mental health, I was a peer counselor in a psychiatric hospital for several years, and even now I am a peer counselor on a warmline for New York City.

I am a non-judgmental listening ear, but also someone with life experience under my belt. I am achieving goals. I am making progress in my life. I know if I can do it after being on psychiatric disability for 10 years, you can too. Plus, now you have access to my experience. I can help you get there much faster than it took me.

I use and teach non-traditional means of achieving emotional stability, such as spirituality and The Sedona Method (an easy-to-use technique for letting go of negative emotions, thoughts, and limiting beliefs)

Today is the time to take action. I am just getting started on my own. I need some experience. I currently offer a pick-your-price structure. You pay me what you think the session was worth and how much you can afford.

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