Social Anxiety Coaching

Finally, I’m Living A Happy, Normal Life & You Can Too!

Social Anxiety Coaching
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I may seem like an ordinary guy. I work a 40-hour week job. I’m married with a stepdaughter and a dog. I have a car, I live in a 3-bedroom apartment and live a happy normal life. But, it wasn’t always that way.

I used to be dreadfully shy. I was socially phobic and diagnosed with an avoidant personality disorder. I lived with my Mom way into my adult years, was usually unemployed due to my social anxiety, and lived on disability. 

Why Would I Embarrass Myself Publically?

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Why would I tell you such personal, embarrassing information? Because chances are if you stumbled upon this page, you might be in a similar situation with no hope.

If I can live a happy, normal life, you can too!

Sometimes You Need Someone To Walk Beside You

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I didn’t get there by myself. I tried a doctor, and a psychologist but they didn’t really help me. What helped me was talking to people who have been through what I was struggling with. Who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. 

I Have Clinical Experience!

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I am someone who is living the life you want. I’ve been there. I am supportive and here to help you succeed. Plus, I have been helping people with mental health conditions for over 10 years. I work kind of like a therapist who uses life experience as their education. 

I have even done group counseling at a psychiatric hospital for over 3 years. So I have a clinical background but have been through it myself!

You Choose The Help You Desire

You can contact me by email if your social anxiety is too high, however, I recommend Skype. If you are really brave, probably the best option is group coaching

What Are Your Prices

Although I’ve been helping people for years I’m just starting my own coaching practice. Starting off I am offering you a pick-your-price option. As I gain experience I will have to charge a set price but I will always keep group coaching cheap for those in financial need.

Right now you pick the price you think I’m worth for the help I’m giving you.

How Can I Get Started

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