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Unstoppable: 5 Effective Ways To Craft an Exercise Plan You’ll Stick to for Good!

In this article we will discuss creating an exercise plan you’ll stick to for good!

We live in a busy world, and finding time and motivation to exercise is often difficult. However, if you approach exercise correctly, it can strengthen your chance of following through. Here are five tips for creating an exercise plan you can stick with. 

1.) Find A Form OF Exercise You Are Passionate About.

Don’t just stick to one form of exercise. Try many until you find one that is suitable for you. Make it fun. It could be hiking in nature, rollerblading, dancing, or even karate. It’s crucial to find the ones that bring you joy and fulfillment. 

When you love exercising, it becomes a source of joy rather than a chore. Thus, this is my number one tip for creating an exercise plan you can stick with.

2.) Use Exercise As An Opportunity To Practice Mindfulness

When you exercise, you can use it as an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Be aware of the sensations in your body, the rhythm as you breathe in and out, and the sights and sounds around you. 

As you stay fully present amidst your exercises, your mind will quiet, your stress will reduce, and you will develop inner peace.

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3.) Set Achievable Goals

Setting fitness goals is essential. However, you need to make sure your aspirations are achievable. 

You may want to finish a 5K race, master a new yoga pose, or increase your step count. Whatever it is, having clear, achievable goals is crucial.

Goals will give you purpose and direction. Be sure to celebrate your goals, even if it is just making your daily step count. Use each win as motivation to propel you forward.

4.) Emphasize Consistency Rather Than Intensity

When it comes to starting an exercise routine, consistency is the key.  We strain to get the most out of your exercise routine and then don’t follow through. It is better to start with a moderate, sustainable activity. 

We all have had good intentions of starting and pushing the limits. However, this is hard to sustain. Would you prefer to strive and quit or build consistency and follow through?

5.) Build A Supportive Community

One great way to follow through is to join a community of like-minded individuals. Individuals who are passionate about well-being and exercise will inspire you.

You can join a fitness group, take exercise classes, or simply exercise with friends. However, having a community that can support, motivate, and inspire you will help you achieve your goals.  

A community also allows you to share your goals, celebrate successes, and get support.

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Using these tips as you implement your exercise routine will allow you to build consistency. Consistency is the key when it comes to lifestyle change. 

Habits, whether good or bad, are almost impossible to break. However, they do take time to build. Use these tips to increase consistency. 

Exercise is also great for your mind. Exercise increases endorphins, which will boost your feelings of peace and happiness.

Start exercising today and start changing your life.

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