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The Practice Of The Presence of God: 10 Transformative and Powerful Takeaways from Brother Lawrence

In his timeless work, “The Practice of The Presence of God,” Brother Lawrence teaches us to deepen our relationship and walk with God by maintaining a simple awareness of God’s presence. 

We live in a busy world that distracts us and demands our time. A sense of peace and purpose may appear to be an impossible task. For this reason, Brother Lawrence’s teachings provide us with a wealth of timeless wisdom despite all the busyness and distraction. 

In this article, we will discuss ten priceless insights from the teachings of Brother Lawrence. Each takeaway provides more fulfillment and joy as we draw closer to God’s presence. 

Let’s look at each takeaway and discuss how to apply them.

1.) Continuous Awareness:

Brother Lawrence discusses the necessity to maintain constant awareness of God’s presence. This awareness is in every aspect of life. Of course, in prayer, but also ordinary tasks as well. 

One way to develop this awareness is to set reminders throughout the day. Take time to pause and acknowledge God’s presence. Pray to God when you face challenges or express thankfulness for the blessing you have.

2.) Simple Faith:

He also encourages us to have a simple, childlike faith. A faith that sees God’s hand in everything and trusts in Him completely.

We can do this by reminding ourselves of God’s faithfulness in the past. These reminders allow us to build trust. When we trust, we can let go of cares and anxieties. We can surrender them to God and trust him to work things out.

3.) Prayerful Attitude:

Brother Lawrence encourages us to develop an attitude of prayer throughout the day. Doing so allows us to turn every moment into an opportunity to commune with God.  

We can be aware of God’s presence in every moment. Thus, we can have prayerful conversations throughout the day.  We can meditate on scripture to remind us of God’s goodness.

4.) Humility and Surrender:

Brother Lawrence often talks about how God advanced him despite his clumsiness. He stresses in his letters the importance of humility and surrender. 

We should regularly acknowledge our weaknesses. Then, we can rely on God’s strength and allow him to guide us. As we surrender our desires and plans to God, we can trust that his will is ultimately best for us. 

5.) Contentment in all Circumstances:

Paul tells us that we should learn to be content in all circumstances. Brother Lawrence also teaches the importance of finding contentment and peace, no matter our circumstances. 

We can do this by having complete trust in God’s plan. We know that he is working all things together for good. Therefore, We can learn to find peace in this promise and be content in any circumstance.

6.) Integration of Work and Spirituality:

Brother Lawrence stresses the integration of work and spirituality. Do not divide secular and sacred activities. By doing so, you will remain in God’s presence.

Offer each task you perform as a form of worship. Also, find ways to serve others during your work day.

7.) Living in the Present Moment:

Brother Lawrence urges us to live fully in the present moment with complete awareness of God’s presence.

Let go of past sins that you have repented of. Let go of any anxieties about the future and live fully in God’s presence.

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8.) Finding Joy in Service:

Brother Lawrence also finds joy in being a servant. Each opportunity to serve expresses our love for God through our love for others. 

We can seek opportunities to serve others. We can volunteer, show small acts of kindness, or even be present and truly listen to others. Serve with a joyful heart. Thank God for the opportunity to reflect his love through you to others.

9.) Consistent Practice:

Remaining in the presence of God is not an easy practice. It is an endeavor that will take time to master.

Be patient with yourself. Recognize that it will take time and effort to master this spiritual practice.

10.) Transformation of Character:

The practice of the presence of God will ultimately transform your character. You will develop virtues such as patience, kindness, and peace. 

Pray each day for an overfilling of the Holy Spirit. Ask help from the Holy Spirit to remain in His presence. Allow Him to work on your heart, making you loving, patient, and compassionate.


During the business of life, we can still embrace the presence of God in every moment. Brother Lawrence outlines a process to gain deeper intimacy with God. This process transforms simple tasks into acts of worship.

By practicing the presence of God, we will find ultimate fulfillment as God made us to have a serious relationship and live in communion with Him.

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